We became boat people living aboard our houseboat on the Savannah River in May 2016, one year ago today, and love it. This is my blog where I blog about my swamp adventures, boat life, star gazing, growing vegetables and flowers in my secret garden "up-top" as we call our little two acre lot up on dry land, nature- and astro-photography, birds, art, biology, family and maybe even a fairy or two.

I'm Tanya, my husband is Tony, we have two cats living on this river with us. We still work but look forward to the time we don't. My profession is an environmental biologist focused on water protection. We have kids and grandkids, friends and family. All of them may show up in my blogging from time to time.

Life is never boring to me and in a world where nothing is easy and drama is everywhere you look, this blog is about none of that! Mother Nature still provides the greatest show on earth, if you take the time to look. I do..and I want to share it with you. Thanks for taking a look as I begin blogging about whatever catches my attention.