Adjusting to the water

A raging storm greeted me on my first night living on the houseboat. Lightening flashed relentlessly as thunder vibrated the aluminum hull while we rocked about in the dark. I fell asleep regardless.

I was abruptly woken by my nightmare of ankle deep water on the floor, my dream voice screaming above the thunder to my children to swim to shore since we were minutes from sinking into the raging water. Groggy as I stiIMG_1901ll was from the stooper, when my feet hit the floor my first task was get down on my knees and lift the hold door positioned at the foot of my bed. I had to check for flood water! As I lifted the door by its screw below deck, I expected to be splashed by a slosh of water from a completely filled hull (like in my dream), but it was bone dry. Relief. I look out at the calm water surrounding me..and…coffee.


That was a year ago. I still check the hold occasionally for water, but the fear of sinking has mostly gone. The nightmares too. Life on this boat has actually been quite amazing and good. We have settled in and so have the cats. We love the views, the breezes, the morning sounds and mists, the sunsets and the storms.

I’m not settled though. I’m still learning. I am not organized yet. I want to be. I plan to be. It’s daunting, I have not downsized enough, and my hobbies and lifestyle are not quite caught up to living aboard. In the next twelve months, maybe I will be.

For now, I just need to organize, and no I do not have room for all my kitchen toys and tools and it really makes me aggravated. I am a self proclaimed master gardener and garden to table chef! I need my stuff!!

I still keep buying books, but there is no where to put them, stacks are forming. I love to read, I must have them.

So yes, my life on this boat is a work in progress. I love it though. I shall blog.


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